Buying Guide For Bedroom Furniture

Of all the hassles and nuances you go through while picking the right bedroom furniture and furnishings for your home, reaching a ‘stuck-up’ situation can be the worst. It can happen when you buy furniture without looking into practical details of your home, or a particular room, the bedroom, for instance. Buying bedding set, bedroom mirrors and storage furniture like an armoires and dressers may be tricky. The kind of practical problems you face while buying furniture is different from the world of modern bedroom furniture and suites that you see on online furniture stores.

It helps to have a basic guideline in place. Here are a few tips on buying furniture that fits your home,

1. Local retailers can be a source of information to help you decide. Sometimes you may end up finding a great deal unlike retail shops that spend so much on floor space and as a result, hike up furniture prices. As online furniture stores save on this part, they get to pass on some part of the savings to customers as discounts.

2. Define your style. Each one of us has his own unique liking. If Bahamian is your style statement, you can buy furniture that fits the idea; and also combine it with other traditional and modern furniture.

3. Bed sizes
Who will sleep in the bed? What is the size of your bedroom? Take into account the number of people and the size of the person/s. Master beds are the largest, followed by King-size beds (California and standard), queen beds, full beds and twin beds. The dimensions of each size are as follows:

 California king bed: 72 inches wide x 84 inches long
 King bed: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long
 Queen bed: 60 inches wide x 80 inches long
 Full bed (or double bed): 54 inches wide x 75 inches long
 Twin bed: 39 inches wide x 75 inches long (80 inches for extra long twin beds)

4. Bed Design
The construction of a basic bed is simple. It has a headboard on one end, footboard on the other. In between is the frame whereon the mattress fits. Depending on your taste, you can opt for anything from low-slung platform beds with an Oriental touch, to regular beds with much classy color and finish options. It is good to keep in touch the kind of scheming you plan to have with your bed. Then there are futons, day beds and trundle beds that make a great combo of utility and style.

5. Bed construction
Wood is the most common material used in bed construction. The advantages are sturdiness, longevity and easy maintenance. However, other material like powder-coated steel and brass are popular for its robustness and sleek features. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose one that suits your taste and practical needs of your home. You don’t want a bulky bed when you keep shifting places more often. Something neat and handy, which can be assembled and dissembled easily, may be the best choice. So assess your need, first.

6. Night stands
Nightstands may be a tricky thing to choose. Especially if you have a designer bed, teaming up a pair of nightstand with other furniture and the overall theme may be difficult. But you can always get suites that come with complementing nightstands, armoires, dressing tables and mirrors. If you already have a bed, then you can opt for a design that is either the same color/finish as the bed or something complementing that fits with other furniture items in your bedroom.

7. Wardrobe/ Armoire
A wardrobe or armoire is one of the most important features in the bedroom. Depending on the number of people, the armoire should be combination of functionality and space, with drawers, hanging bars and other units you desire. Classic wooden armoires are popular, so are glass and wood wardrobes that look modern. Make sure you check the door dimensions of your bedroom to make moving the armoire easy.

8. Dressers, Mirrors and Chests
Well, we all know the story of cluttered drawers and closets. If you practically estimate the kind of space you need on daily basis, you can round up on a sensible dresser with spacey drawers and a complimenting mirror. Roomy drawers also allow more air and help with the uncluttered space we all so much crave for. While chests are vertical, dressers are wide and horizontally inclined. Check the dimensions carefully, for you need space to move around the bedroom. 

9. Mattresses
Beds and mattress is an inseparable pair, both complimenting each other. There are regular mattresses and box spring mattress that require a basic construction. While others are built in a manner that needs no box springs, especially platform beds.

Bed sets or suites are also great money savers. You need not hassle over too many details. You get a matching bed, night stand and dresser together, so you won't have to spend much time stewing and fretting over whether or not all your wood bedroom furniture will match. If your bedroom is large enough, also consider new chairs, a bookcase or two, maybe a new entertainment center.

With a new bed, you may want to add fresh bedding. Go for subtle serene shades that go with the curtains, wall paint and rest of the d├ęcor. With our huge discounts and low shipping, you can furnish your whole house without ever leaving it.

London builders: How to choose a shower cabin.

If you don't like to luxuriate in a warm bath and become accustomed to take a refreshing shower in the morning and to take a relaxing shower before going to bed, then a shower cabin is an optimal solution for you. Being alternative to baths, shower cabins become more and more popular nowadays. There are several reasons for such popularity. Firstly, in comparison with bath, the shower saves water approximately fivefold. Secondly, shower takes much less time, than having a bath. Thirdly, a shower cabin saves space - i.e. the bath utilizes much less space than a bath. And, besides the shower cabin is considered more hygienic in operation as bath because dirt is washed off by flowing water. Thus, advantages of this equipment are quite obvious. It is time to go to shop and to buy a shower cabin.

Prior to purchase of the shower cabin, it is necessary to determine its design. There are open and closed shower cabins. Open shower cabins border the shower zone partially - there is a shower partition or a door between existing walls. Closed shower cabins are bordered completely along the perimeter of shower zone and have a roof which prevents steam outflow and hampers condensation. Certainly, the closed cabin is more comfortable, but it is much more expensive.

The doors of shower cabins are usually made of glass which may be transparent, matte or rough. Single or double swing doors usually require the greater area of bathroom. Sliding doors utilize much less space. The more leaves, the less space is inside of a cabin, but the frame, at the same time, becomes steadier.

When choosing the shower cabin it is necessary to consider that its size must not be less than 80 x 80 cm, otherwise you will be essentially limited in space.

Shower cabins pallets may be made of pig-iron, steel, ceramics, artificial marble (pallet is made of pressed marble chips and polymeric pitches), as well as of synthetic materials: acrylic and its more modern derivative - quaryl. All these materials have their own peculiarities of maintenance. For example, pig-iron enameled pallets are steady, but get warm too long, steel pallets rattle under a jet of water, and pallets made of ceramics (faience) may crack up. Marble pallets are quite expensive, but they worth it: durable, convenient and having perfect appearance. Each of such pallets is unique, as each piece of marble is unique on its color, shades and structure. Acrylic pallet is nice too but it's not durable and needs a special frame, and its surface is not jam-proof. However, scratches on acrylic are easily removed and special skills for that purpose are not required. Quaryl is one of acrylic's derivatives (for its manufacturing marble chips are used) and its surface is much more jam-proof.

In general, the following requirements are specified to pallets: durability, immunity of surface to mechanical damages (scratches, chipping), rapid warming up, external decorative effect and not least, the presence of fluting on a pallet's surface which hampers sliding.

Functionality of shower cabins goes beyond the ability of shower. Modern shower cabin not just replaces a bath, but may combine functions of Turkish bath, massage and therapeutic salons.

For example, vertical massage is provided by jets of water supplied from injectors. Number of apertures in injectors may vary from 3 and more. Some shower cabins are equipped with feet massage function. The pressure necessary for normal functioning of vertical massage system is 3-5 atms. You'll have to make a point of these peculiarities as in many houses not having the special equipment all these amenities will be unclaimed. The reason is common - absence of needed water pressure in water pipe. If the pressure is low you'll have to choose only those shower cabins which work at water pressure of 1.5 atms.

The transition douche effect is achieved by alternate action of contrast temperatures water alternating within short time-periods. Cold water is supplied from water supply system and hot water temperature may be chosen by you. This function may be applied both when using a hand spray and with vertical massage system. Hydro massage is the function of vertical massage system. It is represented by alternate bottom-up injection of horizontal groups of injectors. Chromotherapy in shower cabin is represented by special source of illumination placed in cabin which periodically lights up with various colors.

Turkish bath function is generation of steam by steam generator. That steam goes to a cabin from a steam blower. The temperature of steam makes 45-60C. Almost all shower cabins have function of steam aromatization with phytocosmetic substances.

Possible connection of radio and audio belongs to group of audio functions. As a rule, they are built in shower cabin. Cabins having such functions are equipped with switchboard which enables adjustment of functioning parameters; such cabins also have built in speaker system.

Combined multifunction shower cabins have all advantages of hydro massage baths and shower cabins. Their size is usually quite impressive, but, nevertheless, they save a lot of space.

Shower cabin installation does not require of any structural works such as tile and stone works or field painting. You'll have to connect the shower cabin with water supply pipe and with discharge stack. These operations are to be performed by experts.

The prices on different shower cabins may vary, but generally the price determines both quality and volume of "services" "provided" by a cabin.

How To Stock Your Home Bar For Your Next Party

"There can't be good living where there is not good drinking." -- Benjamin Franklin

Owning a home bar can be a very fun investment. For many people drinking is definitely on of the high points of their day. Having a safe, readily accessible supply of alcohol can increase anyone's enjoyment of their daily lives.

Home bars are the ultimate example of dedication and convenience. One can easily drink to excess while saving money and not having to find a way home. Men can avoid angering their wives, because a night at the bar would merely entail them staying home.

"Do not allow children to mix drinks. It is unseemly and they use too much vermouth." -- Steve Allen

Once the decision to purchase a home bar has been made, the shopping can begin. The purpose of the bar is the determining factor for which style to buy.

For small soirees and outdoor get-togethers, small portable bars are ideal. There are many styles of these types of bars. Some styles include wheeled carts, while others prefer lighter structures that can be more easily moved.

Those who like to entertain outdoors can also appreciate bars made especially for that purpose. Traditional Tiki bars and rustic looking wooden bars are common themes at poolside parties.

Traditional large bars are a common favorite amongst those with large enough houses to have room to spare. These generally take up a lot of wall space and are made to feel just like a public facility. They are usually composed of a wall unit for storing alcohol and glasses, a space for the bartender, and an actual bar for patron to sit.

"Beer brewers shall sell no beer to the citizens, unless it be three weeks old; to the foreigner they may knowingly sell younger beer." -- German Beer Law, 1466

When most people think of bars they tend to think primarily about liquor, but beer is such a fundamental aspect of the history of drinking that it is hard to discount the significance of being able to serve beer properly at home.

Many of the larger home bars come with easy to use draft levers. Drinking from a keg that is properly maintained can save an avid drinker a considerable amount of money. By the ounce, it is almost always a better investment to buy in bulk.

A properly stored beer keg can last from three to four months. Someone who has at least one beer a day, the cost of a keg easily makes up for itself when compared to the cost of a 12-, or even, 24-pack.

Small refrigerators are placed under the bar to allow the beer to maintain the proper temperature for maintaining its flavor. These are connected by a series of tubes to the draft valve, provided easy access to good beer all of the time.

"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." -- Dean Martin

After choosing the proper home bar, stocking it becomes the most important aspect of proper hosting. Some people start by purchasing a couple bottles of classic liquors, but ultimately, a much wider selection is going to be necessary for a well-rounded collection of alcohol.

When it comes to the basics, there are a few items that no bar should be without. Vodka, tequila, rum, gin, whiskey, bourbon, and scotch make up the foundation for any true attempt at a bar. Other common liquors include various flavors of Schnapps. The most common of these are peach, melon, apple, and butterscotch.

Kailua, Jagermeister, and brandies are also very popular bar staples. There are hundreds of varieties of alcohol to choose from and personal preference plays a large role in determining the amount and kind of alcohol to provide.

In addition to regular liquors, wine and beer are also common drinking requirements for any bar. Providing a solid selection of these is fairly easy. Most wines come in different colors. One red, one white, and one blush wine can provide enough selection for most guests.

Beer can be a bit more complicated than wine, but only because there are more options available to the average drinker. There are the basic regular beers that can be found at any gas station across the country.

It is always advisable to stock up on regular beer, more than any other type of alcoholic drink. Light beer is great if you are going to have a group that includes a fair amount of women, because it has fewer calories then regular beer.

Strong, stout beers are considered essential to some, but they are very much an acquired taste. Wheat beers and ales provide a well-rounded flavor that lacks the intensity of most stout beers. Many of these also include fruit flavors for an added incentive.

In addition to the basic alcohols, having mixers to add flavor or dull the burn of some drinks is essential for any drinking experience. Soda, margarita and sweet and sour mix, and assorted juices can provide endless ideas for beverage making.

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink, because when they wake up, that's best they feel all day." -- Frank Sinatra

Having a place to relax after a hard day can be one of the most significant improvements to the quality of your life and your overall health. Escaping the stress of daily life is essential to a happy existence. Home bars are a terrific way of ensuring that your home is not only a fun place for you, but also for your friends and family.

Maintaining a well-stocked bar and having people to share it with can be one of the most rewarding investments you can make for your home.

Five Tips On Buying Water Products For Your Home

Water is the essence of life. Wise are those who incorporate water into their daily lives and environments. When purchasing water products for your home, your success can be enhanced by keeping in mind five basic features. Taking the time to understand and apply these five simple factors will save you both time and money, and will let you experience maximum pleasure and usefulness from your new water product acquisitions.

The first topic we should always consider is why are we seeking to purchase water products? Are we seeking increased health benefits, such as we might receive from owning a pool or a hot tub? Perhaps in our mind we can almost hear the sounds of water, the comforting bubbling sound of an indoor fountain or the gentle slosh and splash of tiny birds in a bird bath. We should be clear about our desire so we can better match our purchases to what we are hoping to obtain. We also need to remember to not limit ourselves, since there is nothing that says we cannot combine art and practicality, usefulness and beauty, in the water products that we add to our environment.

As we move close to making an actual purchase, we will need to check again, to measure our desire against our reality. If foremost in our minds are the health benefits of warm, swirling water and arthritis, we do not want to become lost in our pursuit of a three-tiered, cascading fountain. If our needs are for stress relief, an eight-inch tiny water display may not meet all of our expectations. Knowing what our goals are can make all the difference in our purchases making us happy for a long time to come.

The second feature to consider is size. It sounds simple but it is something we sometimes overlook, as we become excited to purchase those water products that promise to bring us both pleasure and increased health benefits. We need to first dream, and then adjust our images to fit our lives. If we live in a small garden home, no matter our love for swimming, an Olympic size pool is out of the question. We might want to turn our desires to something smaller, such as a hot tub or even a water fountain for our entry way.

If we are seeking to furnish a single room, again, our consideration of a small space to be utilized is important. We love water, we know we care about both its health and artistic qualities, but we must also realize we need to choose something that we can place within an already-furnished room. We might select a small desk-top fountain or even a decorative spring-water dispenser.

The third feature, after defining our desires and the sizes we can accommodate, should probably be financial. What can we truly afford, and how can we best maximize our purchases? In this area, we are lucky, since we live in an age of unprecedented opportunities to save money, through the use of the internet. Not only can we use the internet to make cost comparisons and therefore make wiser purchasing decisions, we can actually order via the internet, often savings ourselves a significant amount of money. And we do not need to limit these purchases to small items anymore, since such large items as water beds, hot tubs and above-ground pools, can all be ordered, often at considerable savings, from the comfort of our own computer.

Within the arena of economy, we need to think of our desires, and the best way we can afford to allow these desires to materialize. If we are thinking of spending a large amount of money, we should explore both financing and outright purchasing options. Waiting a few months, until we can afford to purchase outright, may, in the long run, save hundreds of dollars in interest costs. Or shopping for a low-interest loan may allow us to have our desire right away, paying for it slowly over time. Just as we strive to match our desire to the size of our environment, we should also match our investment to our ease and ability to pay for it.

Fourth, we should consider maintenance. Is what we are purchasing going to require daily or periodic care, and if so, can we do the maintenance, or will we need to hire someone else to do it? What will the maintenance costs be and are we prepared financially to assume them? No matter how beautiful the desire, an unclean pool or a dirty water fountain quickly lose their appeal. On the other hand, with careful planning, maintenance need not be an obstacle, as long as we are prepared and aware of its implications.

Last in our list of features to consider as we bring more water into our home, is the flexibility of what we are buying and how we can use it. From a table fountain to a hot tub, we are not limited to a single use. The hot tub, for instance, when not being used for recreation or healthy exercises, can be decorated with floating flowers and candles. It can become an artistic center piece to a small home party or get-to-gather. Our table fountain can be moved to a different area of our home, and surrounded with pictures of a birthday celebrant, complete with tiny stars scattered about, and packages holding birthday surprises. Our most important thing to remember may be the very idea that we are not limited, in either our choices or our uses of water products. Matching this knowledge while paying careful attention to the main features of purchasing water products brings our environment closer to being the haven we know it can be.

Fireplace FAQs - 4 Key Areas

Frequently asked questions about fireplace center around four key areas; Venting, Remote Control, Converting from one fuel to another, and Piping & Dampers.

Venting Questions

What is the difference between direct vent, b vent, totally vented and ventless?

A wood-burning fireplace is totally vented. For a complete explanation of these terms, see our venting page .

Can I put a cabinet around direct vent, ventless or b-vent?

Cabinets are boxes that extend about 18" from the wall. Mantels are wood frames that only extend about 4" - 6" from the wall.

* B-vent cannot have a cabinet. A b-vent fireplace must be installed in the wall, allowing all the piping to be hidden. You may then use a mantel.
* Direct vents can have a cabinet if you vent piping out the back.
* Vent-free can have a cabinet.

Can I use vented gas logs in a stove? ...In a fireplace? ...In a coal burning fireplace?

Vented gas logs can only be used in a wood-burning fireplace. A coal-burning fireplace is too shallow. Vented gas logs are not recommended for a stove due to safety concerns.

I am remodeling my basement. Should I go with direct vent or vent-free?

Direct vent will give you great looks and a good amount of heat with little moisture. Vent-free will give you lots of heat and good looks but the number one complaint about vent-free is it works too well, or puts off too much heat. If the vent-free is sized correctly to the room, you will not have a problem with heat or moisture.

What is a chase?

A wooden structure built around the vent pipe to protect it from the weather and to keep the flue gases venting properly.

How energy efficient is direct vent compared to b-vent?

A b-vent fireplace is the least efficient venting option and can be vented horizontally or vertically. Direct venting is the most efficient; some are even “heater rated” and can be vented horizontally, vertically or both.

Remote Controls

What does remote ready mean? Does it come with a remote?

Remote ready means that via the remote (wired or wireless) you can turn the unit on and off which requires a millivolt valve that creates millionths of volts of electricity to control the valve. Remote ready units do not come with a remote because there are up to 20 different kinds of remotes.

Can I use my wired wall switch or thermostat with variable high-lo logs or fireplace?

No. You have to use the remote that is designed for the high-lo variable logs or fireplaces.

What is a high-lo valve?

Via the remote, you will be able to raise and lower the height of the flame. The remotes are adjustable as either on off or thermostatically controlled.

Should I buy a remote ready vented logs set?

No. Because you would have to always leave the damper completely open which means you’d lose $.60 of every heating dollar you put into the house. Therefore, when you want to turn it on, you have to open the damper. So most people just turn it on when they are opening the damper and find the remote unnecessary.

Should I buy a remote ready with vent-free gas logs?

Yes. We suggest that you get a thermostatically controlled remote so that you can keep the room at a comfortable temperature and so you can turn the unit on and off. The longest lasting valve and remote are the units that vary the height of the flame.

Conversion Questions

Can I convert my vent-free natural gas product to another fuel?

No. By national code, you cannot convert any vent-free product.

Can I convert my vented propane gas logs to natural, or vice versa?

Yes. You can convert natural to propane and propane to natural, but in most cases, you need to buy a new valve. Your manufacturer can provide conversion instructions.

Piping, Dampers & Flue Questions

How much can I close my damper with vented gas logs when in use?

You cannot close your damper at all with vented gas logs while they are burning.

How can I seal my damper with vent-free gas logs?

We would recommend that you close the damper as tight as you can and get a Lock-Top damper that seals at the top of the chimney.

With a direct vent insert, do I need to reline the chimney?

No, you do not have to reline to wood burning specifications, but you must use the piping that is recommended by the manufacturer, which fits into the existing chimney.

What are the different kinds of burner pans for vent-free gas logs?

There is sheet metal, black pipe and stainless steel. The advantage of the sheet metal is that it is less expensive. Black pipe is heavier than sheet metal and costs a little more. The disadvantage of both is that they can rust through because they have very little rust protection. Stainless steel costs more, but will not corrode or burn through and it will last a lifetime.

How high above the roof should a chimney extend?

The minimum clearance for wood or b-vent is 3 feet above anything within 10 feet. For direct vent it is 18 inches above anything within 10 feet.

With direct vent or wood burning, what kind of piping do I use?

You must use manufacturer-approved piping.

Can different piping be used if I can’t find the original manufacturer’s?

No. If you use another manufacturer's piping and it creates a problem in your house; i.e., a fire or smoke damage, no insurance company will cover you. You will also void the warranty and inspectors will not approve it.

If brick is cracked can I burn wood?

If the crack is bigger than the tip of a graphite pencil, we do not recommend that you burn wood.

Various Types Of Countertops And Vanities

Kitchens and bathrooms are perhaps the most used parts of the house. It feels good when you see these two rooms perfectly designed and styled. The way to do this is to find the perfect countertop for your kitchen and the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

A kitchen's countertop can be the most important point of the room in your house. This is where you cook your foods and even used for socializing. In fact, the kitchen countertop is the heart of the house. So it is important that the countertops of your kitchen are useful and long-lasting. There are different types of countertop to choose from, depending on the ambience of the home and the motif of the design of the whole house.

One of the toughest usual equipment that you can use in your kitchen countertop is granite. Granite is becoming a progressively more well-liked choice as a kitchen countertop because of its hardness. Granite is commonly solid for scratches. Granite resists heat. Hot pots can’t ruin your countertops. There are also several colors to choose from like ruby red, jet black and verdant green. This stone has a pattern of stripes speckles or splotches.

Quartzite is also a natural substance made of stone that is well known as a kitchen countertop. This material is very thick and hard. Like granite, heat from pots can’t damage your Quartzite countertop. It doesn’t require high maintenance.

Concrete would create an attractive textile as a kitchen countertop and this make is very affordable. It is a well known material that designers recommend to homeowners. Concrete countertop service providers offer their own exclusive colors. Cement will be different in brands of pigments, stains, and aggregate colors, so concrete countertops will always be unique.

Laminate countertop is also the best choice if you want big selection of colors and patterns. It is the most affordable countertop. Laminate countertop has 250 colors
and can be installed with flawless cove backsplashes that will keep the liquid to spill from the cabinets. And it’s easy to clean. You only need water and soap to clean your laminate countertop.

Solid surface is unusually all-around developing materials which offer a mass of benefits in performance with unbelievable application and design flexibility. There are variety of colors and texture to choose from.

Wood countertops or butcher block tops are perfect in beauty and function. This counter is usually made from hard rock maple or oak that gives pleasant glow to any kitchen. It also adds natural affection to the kitchen space.

Paper Countertops are very appealing and ecological. This is available in multiple colors, sizes and thicknesses and design. These materials are resistant to stain, scratch, heat and are easy to clean.

Stainless steel countertop is the classic type of countertop and by no means goes out of styles. Stainless steel never stains or corrodes. It is very tough, resistant to heat and water-proof.

Glass countertops give a kitchen a modern look. It has a heavy tensile power that tolerates a heavy weight . This countertop is not scratch resistant. It is recommended not to be used as cutting boards. This kind of countertop requires a challenging maintenance; if not dried with towel, this will leave watermarks and finger prints. It is recommended to use glass cleaner to maintain the striking look of the countertop.

Vanities are your frequent companion in preparing yourself for the day. There are varieties of style for vanities. Bathroom vanities and cabinets can create a style in your bathroom. An ordinary bathroom can come alive by setting a bathroom design. Bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It is important to choose the right type of vanity and it is equally important to consider the other things in the bathroom; lighting, fixtures and toilet. You can choose from many types of bathroom vanities; wood vanities, glass vanities and contemporary, antique, and double vanities.

Wood vanities are available in different variations. Some are made of expensive and fine woods while some are just painted to appear like one. There is varnish paint available used to paint a plain plywood that would make it appear like a mahogany wood or oak wood. Glass vanities are usually made of durable glass and are finished with the combination of other materials like steel or wood. A wall-mounted vanity is the most popular style for glass vanity. It provides enough space for storage and other functions. If you want a modern look for your bathroom, glass vanity is recommended as most hotels and restaurants have this type.

Contemporary types of vanities are crafted using different materials. It is the most modern when it comes to details and style. It shows a unique design so it is best that it works well with the fixtures inside the bathroom.

Antique vanities do not mean antique in age. Craftsmanship nowadays has come up with designs and style that would make a material look old and antique in beauty. This type of vanity is usually made of fine woods. Because of its unique style, it is one of the most expensive vanities available in the market.

Double vanity is usually found in big bathrooms such as the one in the master bedroom. It contains two sinks in one vanity. This type of vanity also comes in different designs. It requires a larger space.

When choosing a countertop and bathroom vanity, you should have the sense of style and taste. Though kitchen and bathrooms are not really exposed to others, it is still best that you put some beauty in the special parts of your home.

London builders: how a small bathroom becomes a large bathroom. Part2.

Illusion of texture.
After setting the illumination and selecting optimum colours for the bathroom, we will pass on to finishing materials.

The basic rules of designers are as follows:

1. Any line in the interior divides the area in two halves.

2. Large elements in the small room visually diminish it.

3. Horizontal lines increase the premise width, but diminish its height. Vertical lines have the opposite effect.

Now we will be more specific.

Up to now, the most popular finishing material for the bathroom is tiles. They are beautiful, comfortable and practical. But tiles have one peculiarity - the joints between separate tiles. According to the paving technology, it is impossible to do without them. In such cases the colour of the grout for these joints is to be maximally close to the basic colour of the tile. It allows to avoid a great number of horizontal and vertical lines.

The second rule is relevant not only to furniture and sanitary equipment, but also to the size of tiles, paved on the floor and walls. For little premises it is better to use the mosaic or tiles of the smallest possible size.

The third rule is the universal rule of stylists and designers. It is the same for clothes and design of the room. If you want to make the room wider - use horizontal stripes, if you want to make it higher - use vertical stripes. But do not forget rule number one.

Through the Looking Glass.
A mirror is an indispensable thing in a bathroom. In fact, it occupies almost no space, but extends the walls. It is the optimal decision for increasing the area of small rooms. So it not only widens the room, but also reflects the light.

Designers use a fascinating method for further optical increase in the area. They hang mirrors opposite each other. And if the mirror wall increases room only by two times, two mirrors extend the bathroom infinitely.

Furniture and sanitary equipment.
The more the number and size of the furniture, the smaller the premise. This principle is very plain and easy to understand. But if we can't do without furniture, perhaps, it is possible to solve the problem. Try to use furniture from glass.

Do you want to have the chair in the bathroom? No problem, just choose the chair with thin legs and a transparent back. But it will be better to replace the chair by a light stool or ottoman. There are models that are screwed to the wall and occupy even less space.

You want to place household chemical goods somewhere, but the closet occupies a lot of place. Hang up open shelves on walls. The vertical shelf will raise the ceiling, the horizontal one will extend walls. Do not make wide shelves, the depth 15-20 cm will be quite enough for you.

Think, maybe you will remove the stand from under the sink and replace it by something less bulky. Now a great number of variants are available. For example, a small bathroom sink occupy the minimum space. Such a sink has the same advantage and disadvantage - its size. And when the water is flowing from the tap at high pressure, your floor can be wet as if in the swimming pool. The next optimum variant with regard to size is the hanged sinks. Its pipes can be built into the wall and do not occupy space. The next variants are sinks on a pedestal and semi-pedestals.

What occupies the greatest amount of space in our bathroom? Certainly, it is the bath. So we have one more standard method of increasing the bathroom - to replace the bath with a shower cabin. For greater visual increase of the room, try to select a cabin with maximally transparent walls or keep cabin doors open.

What shall we do with the lavatory pan? We know well the standard models of w.c. pans, as well as the amount of space they occupy. But there are more compact models. These are lavatory pans with a hidden side, i.e. floor or suspended pans. A new model is corner lavatory pan, someone may find it optimal.
Little cunnings for extension the area.
Specialists say that a bathroom is the room, where one can stay on their own. Since his attention is not occupied by anything else, he starts scrutinising the interior. Nothing can irritate the individual more and even more diminish the area as disorder in this interior. It makes the little premise smaller.

The followings small pieces of advice will help to extend the area:

1. Build in all pipes into walls yet on the stage of repair in the bathroom.

2. Try not to hang towels all over the bathroom as sails, after drying it will be better to roll them and store somewhere on the shelf.

3. If you like to decorate your bathroom, instead a multitude of small things use one, but of larger size.

4. Keep balance, do not encumber shelves by cosmetics (it is recommended not to keep it in the bathroom) and other nice trifles.

5. Remove everything what is possible to remove from the field of vision. Take some time for bringing the linen closet in order. Remove things, which you no longer need, from the shelves. Vacate the space for things that are permanently needed and used.

6. If you have a bath and use curtain for douche, use the curtain of the light colour, maximally light and transparent. After taking the douche, do not close the bath by the curtain, but move it to the wall.

7. If you have a window in the bathroom, try to extend it, beautify it by the light tulle and let the sunlight into the premise. This improvement will allow you to place the flower in the bathroom, but it must be moisture-resistant.

8. If your bathroom has no window, hang the picture on the wall with the view on mountains, the sea or the garden. This enables to extend your bathroom visually.

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